Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"Names of the days of the week"

Hi everybody!

In todays lesson we will be learning how to say the names of the days of the week in Estonian.

The names of the days of the week:

Monday - Esmaspäev
Tuesday - Teisipäev
Wednesday - Kolmapäev
Thursday - Neljapäev
Friday - Reede
Saturday - Laupäev
Sunday - Pühapäev

Word PÄEV means DAY
Day - Päev

The first 4 days will be easy to remember because they literally give you the order of the days.

Esmas / päev
First - esimene 

Teisi / päev
Second - teine

Kolma / päev
Third - kolmas

Nelja / päev
Forth - Neljas

Obviously Friday is such special day that we don't even bother to call it a day XD - reede. I have no idea why it is like that :). If anyone know's let me know ;). 

Püha - holy, we also call celebrative holidays - püha
Jõulupüha - Christmas 

More useful vocabulary:

week - nädal
today - täna
tomorrow - homme
yesterday - eile
the day after tomorrow - ülehomme
the day before yesterday - üleeile
workday - tööpäev
restday - puhkepäev

Example sentences:

1. Today is Monday. - Täna on esmaspäev
Täna - today
is - on 

2. Tomorrow is Tuesday. - Homme on teisipäev. 
Homme - Tomorrow

3. Yesterday was Sunday. - Eile oli pühapäev. 
Eile - Yesterday

4. The day before yesterday was a fun day. - Üleeile oli tore päev. 
 Üleeile - the day before yesterday
oli - is in past tense
tore - fun

* In Estonian we do not write the days of the week with the capital letter, unless it is in the start of a sentence. Also for further information, Estonian language generally doesn't like capital letters. In English people tend to use them a lot but in estonian it's probably safer not to use capital letters, unless it's a name (person, city, country [however the people in the country like Estonian would be lower case - eestlane, same with he languages eesti keel] place etc.)

** Estonian language doesn't have future tense. It is expressed by using relevant words like "tomorrow".  Great example is a sentence that is often used in songs or other places similar. Oli, on ja jääb.  It was, it is and it stays.   Oli (was) is past tense of on (is), jääb comes from a word jääma - to stay and could be used anywhere, there is no future tense the change comes from TA JÄÄB - he/she/it stays.  However it will give us the idea of eternity.

Hope that explanation will help you to understand how the language works better :)

Good luck!

Names of the Colours

Hello everybody!
In todays lesson we will be learning how to say the names of the colors in Estonian.

The most commonly used colors and their names: 

Red - Punane
Blue - Sinine
Yellow - Kollane
Green - Roheline
Orange - Oranž
Brown - Pruun
Purple - Lilla
Grey - Hall 
Pink - Roosa
Black - Must
White - Valge
Golden - Kuldne
Silver - Hõbedane

Some more useful words: 

Dark - Tume
Light - Hele
Neon - Neoon
Color - Värv
Colours - Värvid

Example sentences: 

1. I like Green Color. - Mulle meeldib roheline värv.
 ( mina - me)  to me/ as for me - mulle
to like - meeldima  ---> I like - mulle meeldi
2. Rainbow is colorful. - Vikerkaar on värviline. 
Rainbow- vikerkaar
is - on

Extra sentences that were not in the video: 

3. What is your favourite color? - Mis on sinu lemmik värv? 
What - mis
is - on
you - sina --> your/yours - sinu
favourite - lemmik
color - värv

3.1 to answer the question you could either use the example nr 1.  or  you can say ....

3.2 My favourite colour is ... . - Minu lemmik värv on ... .
You can fill in the gap with any color name you prefer. 

3.3 If you would like to mention more than 1 colour you can say:

Minu lemmik värvid on roheline ja lilla.

 värv ---> värvid (plural) 

... X and Y. - ... X ja Y.  ---> you just need yo add the and in between the colours. Simple :)

4. Sky is blue. - Taevas on sinine. 
Sky - taevas
is - on
blue - sinine

5. Red skirt. - Punane seelik.
Skirt - seelik

5.1 This skirt is red. - See seelik on punane. 
This - see     
skirt - seelik 
is - on  
red - punane

Good luck with your studies!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hi everybody!

I have now finished with my tongue twisters episodes so i have put all of the videos up here.

And here's a great page for some more tongue twisters :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Love, love... love....

How to say "I love you" in Estonian?


That's how easy it is ;)

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's your Birthday!!!!!!!

Hello everyone! 

In this lesson, we will learn how to sing happy birthday song and also few useful words do go with that special day. 

Happy Birthday song in estonian.... the lyrics 

Sünnipäeva laul (Birthay song) 


It's a piece of cake, eh! ;)

Make sure to check out the video lesson for more fun stuff... 

Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello Everybody! 

It's that time of the year again.... the year number is gonna change and people will be making their new year resulutions. 

Have u made yours? 

I havent... :) 

well see... I still have time ;) 

But in this lesson we''ll be talking about New Year's Eve traditions and we'll learn few useful phrases and words. 

Here are the still images from the video. 

 So here you go. I hope this post will help you with your Estonian. 

Have a Happy New Year!!!! 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sounds like fun!

Hi everybody! 

I'm glad you wanna learn Estonian! 

I've just found this awesome project called "Monthly Language Report"! 

I thought it might be something interesting to try out! 

I'll be joining in with Korean. Yes I'm learning Korean! 

Actually, that's how i got the idea for Estonian videos... I saw that there's clearly a lack of them :) 

Here's the link for the fb group:

All the best with your studies!!!!